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Are today's high housing costs

keeping you from finally owning

your own home?

Would you consider a zero energy

home on your lot for $668.00 a

month instead?

.....including utilities?

Pepze homes is offering a 3 bedroom - 2

bathroom home complete with the


A full basement with an R40 rating in the walls

and finished walls inside.

L E D Lighting- you get the same amount of

light but only 10% of the cost.

A water saving system that saves up to 18,000

gallons per year per home.

A KVAR unit that saves you 10 to 30 Percent on

your electric bill all by itself.

A full house air purification system that

eliminates odors and 99% of any pathogens.

Heated tile floors.

A Geothermal energy system that produces

power for you.

And that means you won't pay for heat, light,

hot water or a/c...

...and you will have enough electric

even if you are off the grid and the

grid goes down due to a storm.

…and you'll probably made enough

electric that you can sell the excess

back to the power company.

That's a home and utilities for $668.00

a month!

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610 398 7881

Call now! Lots available as well.