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Don’t over invest in a home

Avoid Money Problems!

Don’t over invest in a home… 50% of marriages end in divorce.  Money problems are the major culprit. Consider one of today’s modern energy efficient mobile homes instead of a McMansion. Living in an apartment sized (or larger) mobile home can be done for about the same cost as a midsized car and after 5 years the home is paid off.  Even allowing for some depreciation, the home should be worth at least $20,000.00.  Now your options are many because you now have equity.  Start a cash flow bank is one.  You have only committed for 5 years and once you’ve passed that mark without incurring a lot of risk.  You’re free to move on to big and better homes or, You can stay put and “bank” the money you were paying for the next 5 years
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