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products and services in the housing

arena to the low and middle income


20% of American Households make $20,000 /

year or less. Mobile Homes are affordable!

According to statistics of the National Fire Safety Bureau & Foremost Insurance Company, your chances of having a fire in mobile homes are significantly less than in a conventionally built structure and your chances of dying in a fire are even less. Mobile Homes are statistically safer than others! The comfort costs are less (Warming and Cooling) because the structures are so well insulated. Homes built on assembly lines, like cars, are more energy efficient. Greenbriar offers products and services in the housing arena to the low and middle income housing market.

We stand for...

Newly married Recently divorced The Elderly Retirees Single Mom & Dads Working Students Widows & Widowers People who need affordable housing!
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Mobile Home Advantages

Because of using the latest in quality materials like vinyl siding and 25-30 year roof materials, Pex plumbing, vinyl flooring, hardwood moulding & formica countertops homes built in a factory require less maintenance. The smaller size is easier to clean and because the majority of the homes are one story cleaning the gutters is easily done from the ground.
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