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Check out a few of our wonderful pre-loved homes that offer a chance for families to break free of the rental trap where you pay 100% interest (rent). Randomly located throughout the Lehigh Valley these homes are priced to be affordable and financing is available..
Sellers: If you list with use for at least 120 days we will: Agree to hold at least one & usually 2 open houses during the listing period When your home is sold we will furnish you with boxes to pack your things plus a truck rental for a day. We give you expert suggestions in how to sell your home fast. We charge you no commission to sell your home. If the price is right, we’ll give you an offer to purchase on the spot & settle in 90 days.

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Pre-loved homes are available in many areas though out the Lehigh Valley. Some of these homes are listed on this site. If you have a home to sell, consider the reasons you may want to list with us. We charge no commission We get you your price To find out more use this form and we’ll respond with an opinion of value at no cost to you.
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